”All that I desire is to be enriched by intensely exciting new thoughts”, René Magritte (1898 – 1967)

La Magie noire, Magritte
L’Explication, Magritte
L’Object écrit, Broodthaers

Hommage to Magritte, Keith Haring


The Belgium painter is well known. Above all for his paintings with mysterious objects and content as his pipe for example which isn’t really one or his combinations of day light and moon in one scene. His works are often shown and now again in Brussels.

But this exhibition has a special theme: it demonstrates how the surrealist artist Magritte influenced and inspired other artists. The arts like the sciences are recognicing the principle that all is connected to all and that speaking about art one movement influenced another one. Magritte had a strong influence especially on pop art, minimal and conceptual art.

That’s why you will find the artworks of Magritte, mainly paintings, in dialogue with artworks of other artists who repeated an issue of Magritte or one of his way to think. Besides Magritte’s painting “The explanation” showing a bottle and its metamorphosis you see Marcel Broodthaers “Written Object”, some bottles of milk also in camouflage. Or the two artists are showing their interpretation of a pipe. Also Keith Haring depicted the pipe in his “homage to Magritte” of 1998. The original work of Magritte which is also exhibited comes from LA.

But many other artists worked on the ideas of Magritte such as Barbara Kruger in “We are not what we seem” (1988), John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Arman and many more. You will also find the pop art and conceptual artist Jasper Jones with his “lead reliefs” (1969) answering Magritte’s paining “Personal Values” from 1952.


Over 150 paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photographs, films and archival documents are gathered in this unique exhibition.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Rue de la Régence 3 in 1000 Brussels  from 13.10.2017 to 18.02.2018.

”All that I desire is to be enriched by intensely exciting new thoughts”, René Magritte


Additional information:

Already in the age of 12 Magritte went to the “Académie Royale des Beaux Arts” in Brussels (1916).

His typical surrealist style however was developed much later in 1927 when he lived for three years in Paris.

The Musées Royeaux integrated also the Magritte museum where you find the largest collection of the artist worldwide.


“La leçon de musique” (die Musikstunde), 1965

“Empire des lumières” (das Reich der Lichter), different versions exist

“La page blanche”, a peaceful full moon, 1967

“Le voyageur” (der Reisende, eine Kugel aus Löwe, Skulptur und Sessel, vielleicht eine kleine Welt, die in unseren Kopf passt. Jegliche Verwirrung ist Absicht), 1937

“Alles in meinen Arbeiten kommt aus der Gewissheit, dass wir in Wirklichkeit Teil eines rätselhaften Universums sind.”

»Ich glaube an die künftige Auflösung der beiden äußerlich so widersprüchlichen Zustände – Traum und Wirklichkeit – in einer Art von absoluter Wirklichkeit, der Surrealität.« (André Breton, 1. Manifest des Surrealismus, 1924)

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