PRIVATE CHOICES – 11 Art Collections

Francis Alÿs, 2007
Lili Dujourie, Caresse, l’horizont de la nuit, 1983

The art exhibition « Private Choices » shows contemporary art works of eleven Brussels-based collections including international artists. As the role of the art collectors or art lovers becomes increasingly important, this exhibition is an interesting contribution to understanding the art market.

The focus lies not in the collection as such but especially in the vision of the art collector. Why does he or she collect? Which role art confers to their lives and which preference they give to music and literature?

You will discover that it is not the money but the passion and the wish to share it with others which fuels them. Today they form often the basis for temporary exhibitions or they even supplement the cultural public life by running private museums. Last but not least of course, they support the artists and give them a future…

Discover these great people and their private choices! You will see 200 artworks amongst others Marcel Duchamp, Cy Twombly, Kader Attia, Bill Viola, Francis Alÿs, Damien Hirst, Lili Dujourie.

Kader Attia, Ghost, 2007

Centrale for Contemporary Art, Place Sainte-Catherine 44, 1000 Brussels, until 27.05.2018



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