Japanese art in Brussels – the back side of the sun.

taroJapan unusual and unknown: abstract paintings from Japan currently exhibited in Bozar under the title “A Feverish Era in Japanese Art – Expressionism in the 50’s and 60’s”.

These really impressive large paintings show us a completely unknown mosaic piece of Japanese art : abstract paintings. You also discover the experiments with materials like wood or coton as well as with structures like at “work 139” (1963) by Iwata (Kyoto).

The work at the back of the exhibition reminds immediately of Jackson Pollock, but in reality “work 58” is painted by the Japanese artist Imai (Kyoto). Nevertheless, sometimes technique like ink on paper or motifs like the big red sun in “Farewell time” by Fudo reminds of the origin of the artists.

In the last room, a “Farbenrausch” in red, black, yellow: “Men aflame” by Taro Okamoto (1965) combined with works by Yamamoto or Asada.

After the war occurred a cultural exchange between Japan and the West. The French art critic Michel Tapié introduced “art informel” paintings from the West (eg Karel Appel) to the Japanese artistic community. On the other hand the Japanese paintings were shown in Europe and the USA and had a signifincant influence on the Western artists (eg in the 60s Flux movement where the idea of the art work is central).

The Gutai Group was the first post war artistic group in Japan rejecting traditional art styles. It was founded 1954 by the Japanese painter Jiro Yoshihara in Osaka. The group which shared a gallery in Osaka, claimed freedom of expression with innovative materials and techniques. They worked together 18 years until the death of its founder Yoshihara in 1972.

until 22.01.2017, Bozar

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